Voices of Legacy

Helping youth in our community find their unique voice in a choir of many.

In a world where social media has made our youth less sociable, Embracing Legacy’s Voices of Legacy program provides a safe social environment helping youth develop skills for self advocacy so they can succeed on life’s many stages.

We believe every child has a voice. A unique creative expression provided to him or her to contribute to our global community. Our purpose is to develop youth to express themselves in ways that add value to the world.

About Us:

The mission of Voices of Legacy (VOL)  is to teach and motivate youth through singing. VOL staff is committed to developing youth holistically and instructing them in the fundamental principles that groom and develop each member into strong leaders, musically and socially. Each choir member has the opportunity to become more disciplined and committed, in music and their everyday lives. They develop qualities, including strength, character, confidence, integrity, loyalty and respect for self and authority, that are critical for success in life.