Junior Scholars

A Place Where You Can Express Yourself!

Our mission is to provide youth with inspiring environments, activating experiences, and platforms for them to demonstrate their abilities. We expose youth to the best in their communities so that later we can show the community the best in their youth.

Why wait to be great? Embracing Legacy’s Junior Scholars and Leaders program develops with to express their best today through group mentoring, academic tutoring, exposure trips, and skill demonstration opportunities so that youth and their communities have the opportunity to see their potential realized.

About Us:

Artists of Vision (AOV) is designed to help youth ages 3 – 17 gain self-confidence while skillfully expressing themselves through visual arts. Youth find their niche through exposure to art disciplines (photography, film & video, performing arts, etc.) and training in various techniques and concepts in design, drawing, sketching and painting.  AOV seeks to develop youth into leaders, encourage them to cultivate their gifts, and gain experience in expressing themselves confidently through presentation and public speaking skills.