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Mighty Marching Lions

Embracing Legacy’s Mighty Marching Lions and Mighty Marching Lions Community Allstar Band provides a first class band experience to inexperienced as well as experienced young musicians. When done right the impact a marching band makes can not be ignored. The name of our ‘game’ is impact.

Artists of Vision

For youth searching for opportunities for creative expression Embracing Legacy’s Artist of Vision Program provides youth with a platform for expressing themselves through a variety of art mediums and in the process, teaching them to see how these skills can be used in everyday life.

Junior Scholars

Why wait to be great? Embracing Legacy’s Junior Scholars and Leaders program develops with to express their best today through group mentoring, academic tutoring, exposure trips, and skill demonstration opportunities so that youth and their communities have the opportunity to see their potential realized.

Voices of Legacy

We believe every child has a voice. A unique creative expression provided to him or her to contribute to our global community. Our purpose is to develop youth to express themselves in ways that add value to the world.

Innovators of Legacy

While the influence of STEM on our global community is growing at rapid rates the exposure to STEM programs for all youth is lagging. Embracing Legacy’s Innovators of Legacy program uses STEM activities weekly to teach youth robotics.