Ashley Powe

Meet Ashley Powe

Director of Operations

Ashley Powe is a non-profit professional who is committed to the physical, emotional, scholastic, and spiritual development of youth. Her passion to touch the lives of young people was birthed out of a childhood filled with doubt, scholastic challenges, and emotional instability. Her experiences have compelled her to take a stand and help young people discover that their challenges are not uncommon and that there is hope and deliverance in the Word of God.

Before becoming Director of Operations at Embracing Legacy, Ashley volunteered in various non-profit programs in the Tampa Bay area that ranged from mentoring teenage moms to serving women from all walks of life.

Ashley also brings to the table nearly eight years of non-profit program management, experience in community outreach and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from the University of South Florida.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys writing her monthly electronic newsletter that encourages people to overcome the challenges that they face in their everyday lives through the Word of God.

Her favorite things about working at Embracing Legacy are creating opportunities for youth, witnessing the strong bonds between the youth and the volunteers, and the dedication, hard work and commitment that the youth and volunteers devote to each other and to the mission of the program.