For Volunteers

Volunteering with Embracing legacy, you can make a significant difference in the lives of youth in your community. Our volunteers are high spirited yet disciplined to deal with the high energy of the youth they encounter on a weekly basis. Every volunteer has to go through a sign-up process which is as simple as passing a background check and signing a release form before signing up for where ever a person feels most comfortable contributing. No matter where a person ends up volunteering every department head is more than adequate in their field of study which means the volunteer only has to arrive with a passion to help the youth. Every week you will be in a fun and productive environment where you will be surrounded by hundreds of youths and you will be given the chance to become a positive influence in their lives. You will be given the chance to given the chance to develop new relationships and trusts and who knows the children may have more of a positive influence on you than you thought.