Who We Are


The Mission

Embracing Legacy is committed to reaching 1,000 youth a week through various artistic and academic programs; ultimately training a generation of future leaders that will leave a legacy of character, hope and prosperity for generations to come.


We welcome children from all walks of life and provide them with the tools and resources they need to have a brighter future. Regardless of their socioeconomic or financial status or educational level, we welcome all youth with open arms and at no cost to join. We believe that our investment of love, support and education in the lives of each child will help instill a sense of purpose in their hearts that will promote hope for their futures.



We believe in reaching youth where they are by offering programs and activities that are relevant to their lives. Through these channels we are able to support the needs for safety and belonging of each child.


We are interested in developing the whole person. Through various academic outlets and artistic disciplines we help develop the skills that youth need to excel in all areas of life.


We believe in servanthood. We thrive from the support of our dedicated volunteers, partners and supporters. It is largely because of the commitment of these individuals and organizations that we are able to serve our youth in excellence.

The History

“If we can put a trumpet in a child’s hand before someone puts a gun in it, we can save two families.” These words, spoken by the founder of Embracing Legacy, Inc., Pastor Greg Powe, came after a sixteen year old shot and killed a police officer in the city of Saint Petersburg, Florida in 2011. Touched by how both families’ lives will forever be impacted by this tragedy and the youth being sentenced to life in prison, God placed the vision of Embracing Legacy in Pastor Powe’s heart.


Since then, hundreds of youth have been served through the program, nearly two hundred volunteers have given of their time and resources, and thousands of dollars have been donated to the program and invested into the lives of the youth. Since its incorporation in August 2011, the program has grown to include five entities that have collectively participated in many local, national and international events including:

Just a few Places we’ve been

  • Connector.

    The Annual MLK Parade

    January 2012-Lakeland, FL

  • Connector.

    Relay for Life

    March 2012-Tampa, FL

  • Connector.

    GR Rally for President Obama

    June 2012- Tampa, FL

  • Connector.

    The Children's Gasparilla Parade

    January 2013-Tampa, FL

  • Connector.

    Tampa Bay Storm Opening Night

    March 2013-Tampa, FL

  • Connector.

    Tampa Bay Rays Pre-Game

    April 2013-St. Petersburg, FL

  • Connector.

    The Gathering

    July 2013-College Park, GA

  • Connector.

    Global Democratic Convention

    September 2012- Tampa, FL

  • Connector.

    Santa Fest & Downtown Holiday Parade

    December 2012-Tampa, FL

  • Connector.

    The Black Heritage Parade

    February 2013-Plant City, FL

“Embracing Legacy is our way of doing Mark 16:15 and 20… God forbid we see a problem, have a solution, and do nothing. It’s time to act.” Pastor Greg Powe

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